BSP for Coldfire 5206e

Brett Swimley brett.swimley at
Wed May 23 17:25:48 UTC 2001

I'm actually starting with the SBC5206 BSP that David Fiddes had put
together under 4.0.0. The resulting BSP should be _close_ to what is
required for the SBC5206 (I'm only using the two on board UARTS, for

So...I'll make the BSP available when I have it in decent form. Your call as
to whether to use this one or convert the 4.0.0 BSP (Although I think Dave
Fiddes will be working on an upgrade after he finishes up a few other


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  I'm not familiar with the Cadre board, however I recently inherited an
SBC5206 board from a departing manager.  Do you know if your 4.5.0 BSP
would work on that hardware?  If not, do you suppose it would be better
to start with the old 4.0.0 BSP or the one you're doing for 5206e?  I've
been working with 4.5.0 for a while on a 68331, so I'd prefer not to
step back to an earlier release, however I could use this 5206 board
if I can get it working in relatively short order.

(Of course, this assumes someone hasn't already ported the SBC5206
BSP to 4.5.0 already.  If that's been done, then I'm in much better shape
to begin with.)

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