help!who know the smallest application code size using RTEMS?

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Fri May 25 12:09:32 UTC 2001

red-eye at wrote:
> rtems-users£¬
>        Hello,who can tell me the smallest application program(.exe)
> code size using RTEMS.
>       i use ERC32CCS.
>       i compile the samples/minimum ,and get .exe file without debug information ,it is 73k bytes,Can it become smaller?
>      if i want to get a smallest(in code size) application program using RTEMS ,how can i do? step by step!

How was RTEMS configured?  You may have optional things like POSIX and

You should also look at the symbol table (num) for the .exe to see what
are being pulled in.  Sometimes BSPs reference things they don't have to
have an impact on the minimum footprint.

Also remember that you are on a RISC architecture and that minimum.exe
not just the RTOS -- it includes BSP startup, shutdown, hardware
any vectoring support, spurious interrupt handlers, reentrant C library
etc.  It is a baseline for applications on a target board -- not simply
a measure
of executive size.

>      i am  vexation !
>                                   thanks alot
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