Generic powerPC 750 BSP?

VALETTE Eric valette at
Tue May 29 13:22:52 UTC 2001

OUTWATER ~ KEITH J /5G3110 wrote:

> Greetings all - 
> I would like to use RTEMS on an embedded powerPC 750.  My target system is 
> really nothing more than a processor, memory and some IO (serial).
> Is anyone currently doing something like this?  If not, does anyone have any 
> advice regarding an appropriate start.S and linkcmds to base this BSP on?

There is a port for MCP750 wich is a motorola CompacPCI board featuring 
a MPC750 (note the difference MCP750 (board name) and MPC750 (processor 

So anything that is cpu generic is already there. The most important 
difference should be the host bridge, irq handling, and serial IO.

The boot part should be also diffrent and depend on the monitor you may 
have onbaord.

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