RTEMS-SS-20011017 Snapshot Available

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Thu Oct 18 15:21:54 UTC 2001

18 October 2001

The 20011017 snapshot has a number of modifications including:

  + C++ constructors now called by 1st task to execute.
  + main() is now in user space and a default configuration
    is in librtemsall.a.  Together these mean that the
    classic hello world program can be linked and should run
    ignoring object format conversions needed to download.
  + PPPD update to a stable working point
  + termios memory leak fixed.
  + SH4 support including
     - SH4 simulator BSP
     - gensh4 BSP
     - libcpu sh7750 support
  + preliminary SH3 support to fill in gaps
  + We are using automake 1.5 now.  Ralf has been able to begin to
    eliminate Makefile.am's in some parts of the trees as a result of
    this.  Also configure.in's are replaced by configure.ac's to
    follow the (new) proper conventions.  This included continued
    cleanup and simplification of the make/custom/*.cfg files.
  + C++ applications link easier now.
  + delay() in various bsp.h files renamed to avoid polluting namespace.
  + Multiple BSPs without timer drivers now use a shared stub version
    (armulator, arm_bare_bsp, vegaplus, sim68000, i960sim, rxgen960)
  + bootp now updates networking support files
  + IMFS and system call bug fixes to open.c, utime.c, and link.c.
  + dynamic device driver register and unregister support
  + Intel i82586 network controller libchip driver
  + SPARC/ERC32 ran Ada ACATS well.  This required adding some stubs
    in exec/posix and a minor enhancement to sysconf().
  + Typo fixed in HARDWARE_FPU support in mips/cpu_asm.S.
  + Fix to printk.c to properly handle a maxwidth of 0.

To have the C++ support activate properly, you need to upgrade
to new gccnewlib RPMs.  If your BSP defined USE_INIT_FINI for C++,
this is especially critical because GCC now defines this if
necessary.  This centralizes the setting of this flag.

If you need to run bootstrap, then you need to update your
autoconf and automake to the RTEMS versions.  These are
almost certainly newer than what you are using now.

Feature wise, there is more than enough in the tree now
to begin considering a 4.6 release.  So consider discussions
of this open now.

Joel Sherrill, Ph.D.             Director of Research & Development
joel at OARcorp.com                 On-Line Applications Research
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