Installing multiple toolset versions

Thomas Doerfler Thomas.Doerfler at
Tue Oct 30 14:50:07 UTC 2001


currently I need to work with two distinct toolset versions 
(gcc/binutil/newlib), since I am sharing my time between two 
projects based on different RTEMS versions (One is the 
PPC403/405 software splitup :-> )

Up to now I have downloaded the "ready to run" RPMs for the 
toolsets but in my current situation I ran into problems, 
because at least the GCC package (powerpc-rtems-gcc-
gcc2.95.3newlib1.9.0-1.i386.rpm) only works when installed in 
the default location (/opt/rtems/...), so there can only be 
one compiler package installed for a certain target 
architecture. Currently I use a different machine to install 
and run the second toolset, but this is not very nice...

Some years ago, when RPMs where not available, the tools per 
default were installed in a dedicated directory with a unique 
name like /usr/local/rtems/<gcc-version>-<binutil-version>-
<newlib-version>. Wouldn't it be a good idea to fall back to 
such a naming scheme for future toolset RPMs? Then it would be 
possible to have multiple versions of a toolset installed on 
the same machine and multi-project maintenance would be much 

Any further opinions on that?

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