a question about Code Space Requirements

jack wang wr at biic.casc.cn.net
Wed Oct 24 07:23:23 UTC 2001


I would like to use RTEMS on a board with the ERC32  processor
when i have compiler the hello-world. i found the ELF file "
hello-world.exe" was too big:about 800K bytes .i use sparc-rtems-
objcopy tool to move the debugg information in it.then the file
"hello-world.exe"become 115kbytes
ls -al hello-world.exe
-rwxrwxr-x    1 root     root       115209 May 21 14:08 rtems-hello1.exe
sparc-rtems-size hello-world.exe
   text	   data	    bss	    dec	    hex	filename
  84608	   4472	  19556	 108636	  1a85c	rtems-hello1.exe
it was big too!  because:
i see the RTEMS SPARC Applications Supplement pdf file,
Chapter 8 memory require  specifies
>        Minimum          28,288
>        Maximum          50,432
helloworld application code i think about 2k--3kbytes .because
i use sparc-rtems-objcopy on test.o file
it become 2,340 bytes
the left about 115k-50k-3k=62k is what?
all the 62k is the console driver and printf?
anybody can tell me which  compose the 115kbytes(the size of hello-world.exe).
                                          thaks alot

            jack wang
            wr at biic.casc.cn.net

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