powerpc-rtems-gcc-gcc2.95.2newlib1.8.2-7.i386.rpm corrupt?

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Fri Oct 26 18:49:09 UTC 2001

David Hamilton wrote:
> I just downloaded the precompiled toolsets from the release directory for
> linux x86 host, powerpc target.
> The first three rpm files were ok, but running
> rpm -i powerpc-rtems-gcc-gcc2.95.2newlib1.8.2-7.i386.rpm
> produced
> error:unpacking of archive failed ..... MD5 sum mismatch.
> I repeated the download, but got the same error!
> Next, I downloaded from elsewhere on the ftp site, a similar rpm file but
> with newlib1.8.2-8 and this package installed ok.
> It seems that the file mentioned above really is corrupt!!?

Did you ftp in ASCII mode?  The file seems to be ok on this side

I checked the file in


with this command:

rpm2cpio powerpc-rtems-gcc-gcc2.95.2newlib1.8.2-7.i386.rpm | cpio -itv

and then proceeded to install them on the OAR ftp server directly
from the download directory:

[root at usa powerpc-rtems]# rpm -i
[root at usa powerpc-rtems]# 
[root at usa powerpc-rtems]# 
[root at usa powerpc-rtems]# rpm -q -g rtems

> David

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