Anyone using RTEMS on Motorola ColdFire (e.g. MCF5272)?

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Fri Sep 14 12:22:24 UTC 2001

Good day,

Could you provide me with a link to this Netburner 5272 board?  Is it very
similar to the MCF5272C3 evaluation board?  How long do you think porting
the BSP will take (I'm a total newbie...)

I have downloaded RTEMS and installed the tools, as well as ordered the
MCF5272C3 board, so I'm comitted now...


Maarten Kruger

"Brett Swimley" <brett.swimley at> on 2001/08/24 04:01:16 PM

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Subject:  RE: Anyone using RTEMS on Motorola ColdFire (e.g. MCF5272)?

I'm in the process of doing an RTEMS port for the Netburner 5272 board.
be submitting shortly.  This should be readily adaptable to the Motorola
eval board.


Brett Swimley

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Subject: Anyone using RTEMS on Motorola ColdFire (e.g. MCF5272)?

Good day,

Thank you for the overwhelming response on my question of using RTEMS for
powerPC...  It seems that the Motorola ColdFire may be more appropriate for
my needs - is anybody using an existing port of RTEMS for the ColdFire?
(e.g. MFC5272C3 evalutation board?)


Maarten Kruger

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