Getting started - what & where to download?

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Thu Sep 6 15:44:07 UTC 2001

On Thu, 6 Sep 2001 Maarten.Kruger at wrote:

> Good day everybody,
> I finished installing Mandrake 8.0 Linux (impressive installation !!!) and
> would now like to download all the GNU parts to compile RTEMS...  I was
> looking at the 'Getting started with RTEMS for C/C++ Users' .pdf file I
> downloaded and it suggests that I download

the Online documentation is compatible with 4.5 . I dont know about pdf

The RPMs download page very clearly gives what rpms are required, and what
are not essential.
I dont know if rpms work on mandrake. But rpms do make the binutils and
cross-gcc installation extremely easy!

> RTEMS hello world
> RTEMS Specific tool patches and scripts

I didnt need any patches, and scripts, on Redhat 6.2

> Since the document is quite old ('98), I would like to know whether these
> versions are still applicable to compile RTEMS 4.5.0?  Do I need to
> download anything else?

You might want the examples, and net-demos.

> I read somewhere about a GNU IDE - can I use that for RTEMS?  Is anybody
> using the IDE?  Where can I download the RPM for it?

IDE is not needed as you can always change the c file, and run make in the
current directory. lots of sample makefiles are already there.

Else You can use emacs.
Or if you  want the sophisticated looks and a heavy ide, you can download

I am newbie, and found the on-line documentation is very step-by-step ,
and you could open it in lynx in a seperate window.





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