Steven Johnson sjohnson at neurizon.net
Fri Sep 7 10:39:22 UTC 2001

I use Source Navigator:

It works very well with rtems projects, and also has some very powerful
code inspection capabilities.
Best of all, it is free, and the source is available.  


Kiran C wrote:
> Hi,
>        Is any body using any IDE for RTEMS?
>        What I mean is some of the IDE's are customizable,so that you can
> specify the build tools et al..
>         Well I have a suggestion to make..
>         If you are using Cygwin as a developmental environment,then editplus
> is a really good editor.
>         http://www.editplus.com
>         Here u can configure tools in the tools menu,That is Create Menu
> Items like Compile,Clean,Run,Debug et al.
>         Gives u a feel of an IDE.
>         Also editplus takes you to the corresponding file when clicking on
> the capured compiler output on its outout window.
>          But Edit Plus is a Shareware..I would like to know if there are any
> free editor like that...
>  Bye,
> Kiran

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