[Fwd: Re: Anyone using RTEMS on Motorola ColdFire (e.g. MCF5272)?]

Chris Johns cjohns at cybertec.com.au
Fri Sep 14 13:13:12 UTC 2001

Maarten.Kruger at ziton.spx.com wrote:
> I'm a total newbie ...  I have been to your site but am still a bit in the
> dark about what My Right Boot is...  Is it a boot loader? 

It is a boot loader with a monitor to help hardware debugging and
testing. It also contains an RTEMS BSP. Once MRB boots RTEMS will boot.
It uses the bare support in RTEMS so you do not build the BSP in RTEMS
like other BSPs.

> Could you provide me with a link to the BSP download?

It is part of MRB. Just download MRB.

> How long do you think it will take to port to the MCF5272C3 board? 

All you need is an ethernet driver for MRB to download your application
and another driver for RTEMS. The ethernet driver is the one for the
5272 MAC device. The driver cannot be based on GPL code if you are
considering sending it to me. MRB is not under GPL.

The 5272 is a 5207e with a few extras so should not take long to get
going. The 5206e is supported.

> Is My right boot part of this BSP?

I suppose so. Feel free to mail me off line from this list if you have
specific questions.

 Chris Johns, cjohns @ cybertec.com.au

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