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Wed Sep 19 11:19:14 UTC 2001

> Mike Liu wrote:
> Hi all
> I am a new comer of rtems.
> I had build rtems successfully on linux, but I can't build it on
> cygwin.
> I installed the cygwin 2.29 and the rtems cygwin tools,
> when I try to config the rtems-4.5.0, error has occured:
> I wander if there is anyone had build rtems successfully under
> cygwin??

Yes if you know a handful of things that can go wrong under Cygwin.
It isn't perfect.

There was a recent post with very explicit details about Cygwin.
The archives have not been rerun in the last few days.  I will
make sure they get updated when I get in to the office.

The 1st big trick is to make sure cc.exe is linked to gcc.exe.

This post from March 2001 details one common and confusing problem.

> mike

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