TFTP driver changes

Till Straumann strauman at SLAC.Stanford.EDU
Wed Sep 26 17:30:49 UTC 2001

Eric Norum wrote:

> Thanks for the code walk-through.  I've tried to fix the problems you
> found.
> Till Straumann wrote:

-- snip --

> >
> > Then there is another tiny problem with the TFTPfs modification:
> >
> > rtems_tftp_eval_path() should append the pathname to pathloc->node_access
> > if the latter is non_NULL because the lookup could also be relative to a CWD on
> > TFTPfs...
> I'm not sure that this is even possible.  The path handed to
> rtems_tftp_eval_path has the "/TFTP/" stripped off the front so I don't
> see how it would be possible for the routine to tell whether it's
> working with a relative or absolute path.

Simple: tftp_eval_path() checks the node argument's fileops. If they are TFTPfs',
the CWD is already on TFTPfs and hence node_access holds the necessary
path prefix :-)

-- Till.

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