to make a prom image...

Gerke Kok gerke.kok at
Thu Sep 27 12:40:16 UTC 2001

this sounds like the problem I had with m68k-rtems-objcopy. It looks like the silly thing reallocates your code... Can anybody shead any light on this? It realy is unhandy... I posted somthing under the subject "ObjCopy" and did not get any response. Looks like I am the only one using ObjCopy...
Thanks for any comments and help that will be given!

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On 27/09/01 at 11:38 Stan wrote:

I try to make a prom image;

can you help me ?

after make,

m68k-rtems-size : text=47984 data=2208 bss=14512 dec=64704 hex=fcc0


m68k-rtems-objcopy: warning :
--change-section-vma .data = 0x00000000 never used

m68k-rtems-objcopy: warning :
--change-section-lma .data = 0x00000000 never used

Can you tell me if linkcmd and hello.num are good ?


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