information about resources of actual application

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Thu Sep 27 13:08:25 UTC 2001


>With CPU_usage_dump() you can see this.
>With malloc_dump() you can see the memory usage.

The function CPU_usage_dump() works fine and helps a lot.

But I run in trouble with malloc_dump(). When I call this
function nothing happens. I saw that I went into a version of malloc_dump()
with an empty body (only return) while debugging my application.
I recognised, that the right version (which makes some output) of
will be called only if RTEMS_DEBUG is defined.
I have compiled and installed my Snapshot with VARIANT=DEBUG and compile my
appilcation with make debug. I´ve included rtems/libcsupport.h for

Can somebody tell me why it didn´t work? I try to execute it with the
m68k-efi332 bsp.

>In my shell.c I can exec interactively these functions and tasks and more
>to examinate the cpu load, task list, memory usage, number of resources

I´ve tried it out, but also here are some problems. I´ve found an example
application you posted to the list on 7.9.2001. It´s for a pc386 BSP but I
with some modification it should work on a m68k BSP too.
The first problem was the configure_memory_overhead 16386. I´ve deleted
this line
because my application crashed. When I run the example I see one line on
the console
with some hieroglyphic characters. But I didn´t see a prompt and I can´t do

Do you have an idea what happens?

>All of this is ready for you now with the last snapshot.
>Fernando RUIZ CASAS
>home:correo at
>work:fernando.ruiz at


Jan Suchotzki

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