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Bill Butler billb at
Mon Apr 22 14:06:33 UTC 2002

I bet this has been answered before but I still can not get the rtems
search to work and have searched back to last april with now luck.. 

I have the Netdemo4-5.0/netdemo up and working for the most part on a
i386/PC486 BSP. I using the 4.5.0 release (no snapshots).  I can get the
demo to come up and request and receive an IP using BOOTP when in BootP
mode. It displays no errors and is able to create, bind, listen, accept
The "u" test seems to work but "t" or tcp/ip test times out -- Giving
"Can't connect socket: Connection timed out". 

I have also tried to hardcode its IP with the same results.

Trying to ping the pc running Rtems/netdemo times out and trying to
connect using telnet 24742 does not work as advertised. 

To me this sounds like a TCP/IP problem more than the demo problem and I
am hesitant to move on with development until I get this demo working.

Questions are.
1) Does this demo still work under 4.5.0?
2) Should I try using the latest snapshot?

Thank you

Bill Butler
AIPCom Inc
972-644-2328 x16
bbill at

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