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Eric Norum eric.norum at
Mon Apr 22 14:48:20 UTC 2002

On Monday, April 22, 2002, at 08:06 AM, Bill Butler wrote:

> I bet this has been answered before but I still can not get the rtems
> search to work and have searched back to last april with now luck..
> I have the Netdemo4-5.0/netdemo up and working for the most part on a
> i386/PC486 BSP. I using the 4.5.0 release (no snapshots).  I can get the
> demo to come up and request and receive an IP using BOOTP when in BootP
> mode. It displays no errors and is able to create, bind, listen, accept
> sockets.
> The "u" test seems to work but "t" or tcp/ip test times out -- Giving
> "Can't connect socket: Connection timed out".
> I have also tried to hardcode its IP with the same results.

Is the TCP`discard' socket active on the machine you're trying to 
connect to from the RTEMS machine?

> Trying to ping the pc running Rtems/netdemo times out and trying to
> connect using telnet 24742 does not work as advertised.
> To me this sounds like a TCP/IP problem more than the demo problem and I
> am hesitant to move on with development until I get this demo working.

Is the RTEMS machine configured to accept broadcast packets?
Can you run a packet sniffer and see exactly what's happening on your 

> Questions are.
> 1) Does this demo still work under 4.5.0?
> 2) Should I try using the latest snapshot?

I'll have to leave these questions to someone with more experience with 
this BSP.
4.5.0 is getting pretty old, right Joel???

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