Fw: Re: Re: how can i build the rtems multiprocess demos?

zzc zhichaozhang at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 7 01:13:12 UTC 2002

>>    I can'nt build the multiprocessing demo,through i run configure and build scripts under linux
>>  like this:
>>       ../rtems/./configure --target=i386-rtems --enable-mutliprocessing  --enable-test

#1.  --enable-multiprocessing is spelled incorrectly. :)

>>       make RTEMS_BSP="pc386" install
>>       When it finished,the other demos is ok.except the the mptests demos.
>>       How can i build the multiprocessing demos???

#2.  RTEMS multiprocessing requires some BSP specific drivers to enable
communications between the processors.  This has never been implemented
for SMP-PCs.  

#2.Could you tell me which platform did the multiprocessing function implemented on?

>>But the tests should build but (I think) fail to link if you spelled
>>the option right.

#3.I build the tests with the correct parameters,the hello,ticker...demos are ok,
and the base_sp demo also is ok,but the base_mp demo's directory only 
have  Makefile script,and two empty directories named node1 and node2.

>>      Any advice are welcome.

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