RTEMS has entered the world of MIDI

Angelo Fraietta angelo_f at bigpond.com
Sun Apr 7 22:07:12 UTC 2002

I won't  be presenting a paper this time. Instead I will be giving an 
artist talk, and hopefully a performance using a prototype.  I hope to 
have pictures online after the performance.

Joel Sherrill wrote:

>Jesus Villena wrote:
>>Angelo Fraietta wrote:
>>>Today I have successfully generated MIDI notes on my DIMMPC running
>>>RTEMS, playing them back through my MIDI port on my computer. This is a
>>>huge milestone in this project and I should be demonstrating and
>>>performing with the instrument at the ACMA conference in July this year.
>>>The URL for the conference is
>Great.  Will you have another paper to present as well?  Will there
>be video/pictures online?
>>There is another MIDI and audio device fully programmable which uses RTEMS
>>as operating system and MidiShare to manage MIDI data, called Chameleon. It
>>uses a ColdFire running at 40MHz and a Motorola DSP56303 running at 100 MHz.
>>The SDK is available for free at the website:
>I will update my applications page (off
>with both of these.  Angelo already has some info and I need to update
>The Chameleon looks pretty cool.
>FWIW this is the type of information and links I would like to see
>posted to
>the list more frequently.  I know many of you have products and papers
>appearances.  Please let us all know.  I have worked on RTEMS since 1989
>really do want to know what uses it.  Please let me know.  

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