users of non-GNU toolsets

Nigel Spon nigel at
Tue Apr 9 21:21:15 UTC 2002

>Could I ask some more detailed questions?  :)
>  + What target CPU family are you using?  

PowerPC, specifically the PPC403 and PPC405

>  + Is the assembly language OK?

No, .S files have to be reworked to make them compatible with the MW 
assembler, but its a fairly mechanical process.

>  + What about inline assembly?

Well, CW  doesn't support asm volatile (....); so I have to have my own 
versions of those functions, but thats mostly concentrated in cpu.h/cpu.c 
which need to be rebuilt anyway.

>  + What parts of RTEMS are you compiling?

Most of it, I think. exec, libfs, libmisc, libnetworking. I have a driver 
for the 405 onboard Ethernet that appeared to be working when I last 
looked at it. None of the rpc, rdbg stuff. I did my own rtems++ interface 
before the existing one was added, so I haven't switched to the built-in 
version. Its based on a 4.5 snapshot from some time last year, which I 
really should update at some point when I get back to working on it later 
this year.

>What's MSL?  

Metrowerks Standard Library. It handles re-entrancy with lots of critical 
sections, so I don't appear to need to use the newlib extension technique 
to switch globals around. However I haven't tested this extensively and I 
may be fooling myself. 

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