Has anyone ported RTEMS to the 68060 yet?

Chris Johns cjohns at cybertec.com.au
Wed Apr 10 04:33:24 UTC 2002

Mike Panetta wrote:

> I noticed that there was a fpsp dir and a 68040 dir in libcpu, has
> anyone done something similar for the 68060?  From what I have read, the
> fpsp is different for the 68060, and there is also another support
> package that is needed to emulate some of the non floating point
> instrutions as well (like div64 and friends).

I am using the 68060.

I decided against the emulation path for performance reasons. I do not 
need to support code with these instruction, for example a 68040 binary.

I built GCC/newlib and RTEMS for the 68060. The compiler will not 
generate the instructions fpsp needs if the -m68060 command line switch 
is used. I remeber a multilib patch heading into gcc not long ago that 
made the 68060 a separate variant. I have a patch for the older gcc 


> Alternately, as anyone
> written a BSP for the MVME177 board?  It should be pretty close to the
> same as the 167 BSP that is already in the tree, except for the CPU
> support of course...

I am using the MVME172 at the moment. The i82586 network driver is in 
libchip but it needs a patch from me to work. (Joel, I not forgotten :-)).

  Chris Johns, cjohns at cybertec.com.au

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