as vs. m68k-rtems-as!

Bill Butler billb at
Mon Apr 29 13:16:40 UTC 2002

I read your post this weekend. I had the same thing; I was racking my
brain trying to remember what I did to fix it! Now I remember. I
reinstalled Cygwin! Not sure what we both did wrong!

Bill Butler
AIPCom Inc
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> Subject: Re: as vs. m68k-rtems-as!
> >seems to be picking up the correct spec file.'s still
> trying
> >to run the native cygwin as.exe instead of m68k-rtems-as.exe!  (I've
> Nevermind...redid my cygwin install, then untarred the binaries and
> source again.  (Don't recall, but I _may_ have used winzip to undo the
> archives previously.)  The configure script is running now!
> newell

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