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Angelo Fraietta angelo_f at
Tue Aug 20 00:44:46 UTC 2002

I have stopped working on the IDE port to the pc386 as it would take a 
lot for me to get my head around getting the thing to work and my time 
is running out. I have to now start writing my thesis up, and as such, I 
have to stop new development.

Thomas Doerfler wrote:

>Hello Angelo,
>>I have two questions
>>I haven't actually installed the latest snapshot because  I remember 
>>reading that it was broken. If I was to install it, how do I apply the 
>>patches you have given me.
>The first question has already been answered by Joel. So 
>libblock/lobdosfs should be up to date in the most recent 
>>the init_ide function: what is it actually doing? Is it sending a reset 
>>or something to the IDE? What is it supposed to do?
>The "init_ide" mainly initializes access to the IDE registers 
>(on the MPC860 there are some steps needed to set up the 
>PCMCIA interface we were using). It may reset the harddisk, 
>although we did not do this. And it returns the base address 
>(memory mapped) where the IDE registers can be accessed.
>And now I think it is time to cut off most of the quote 
>historiy  of this mail thread... :-)
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