DOSFS and libblock

Thomas Doerfler Thomas.Doerfler at
Thu Aug 15 19:13:30 UTC 2002

Hello Angelo,

> I have two questions
> I haven't actually installed the latest snapshot because  I remember 
> reading that it was broken. If I was to install it, how do I apply the 
> patches you have given me.

The first question has already been answered by Joel. So 
libblock/lobdosfs should be up to date in the most recent 
> the init_ide function: what is it actually doing? Is it sending a reset 
> or something to the IDE? What is it supposed to do?

The "init_ide" mainly initializes access to the IDE registers 
(on the MPC860 there are some steps needed to set up the 
PCMCIA interface we were using). It may reset the harddisk, 
although we did not do this. And it returns the base address 
(memory mapped) where the IDE registers can be accessed.

And now I think it is time to cut off most of the quote 
historiy  of this mail thread... :-)


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