Any news on GCC 3+ and GNAT/RTEMS?

VALETTE Eric valette at
Thu Aug 22 09:43:07 UTC 2002

Ralf Corsepius wrote:

>>So first question that comes in mind and make be inrelevant : do you 
>>have specific rtems patch for the autoconf or automake software
> No.


> It basically is the standard procedure to install the packages, ie.
> cd <somewhere>
> tar xzvf autoconf-2.52.tar.gz
> cd autoconf-2.52
> ./configure --prefix=/opt/rtems
> make install

That for sure I know how to do that :-)

> The rpm.specs add some "nice-to-have" convenience stuff to these
> packages (man-page generation etc.), but this is not necessary for
> proper operation. The sequence above should be sufficient.


>>Next question is what are the command you have documented supposed to do 
>>(if I have no rpm command, I must make it differently and understand 
>>what really needs to be done).

> I don't fully understand your question, but you seem to be asking what
> the "cd scripts; ./configure ... etc." I described in my previous mail
> does.

Exactly what you typed : the regular configure, make, make install with 
only the prefix command and no specific target/specific configure 
options for rtems nor patch to the sources...

Thanks a lot. I should be able to build rtems this afternoon. I will 
report sucess (I hope) or error to let you know.

Have a nice day,

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