New user questions

Mike Panetta ahuitzot at
Wed Feb 13 16:09:33 UTC 2002

I am new to RTEMS, and I had a few, possibly simple questions.  I have
read some of the documentation on line, but it does not seem to answer
my particular question.

The first question is not really related to RTEMS in itself but to the
list.  Are there any list archives that I can search through?  It seems
there were at one point, but the link is broken now.

The second question is this:  Is there a way to do something similar to
setjmp/longjmp from a fault signal handler (say like a SIGBUS handler
for example), but from an rtems ISR?  I am writing a piece of code that
I want to be able to let recover from a bus error, but I am not quite
sure how to do it in RTEMS using an ISR.  I know how to set up the ISR,
but I am not quite sure how to do the context save/restore for the task
that I want to recover.  Does such a facility exist in RTEMS?  If not,
what would be involved to get this idea to work?  Is it even a good
idea? ;) The basic idea is I have a VME rack, that may or may not have a
memory card at a particular address, and if its not there I want it to
gracefully recover from the bus error thats generated.  Having something
like setjmp/longjmp for this would be great, because I could save the
task context before I do the bus op that may fail, and if it does I can
get notification via the return value of the "setjmp" function, which
would also restore the task back to the place it was before it failed.

The third question is: Are there any more recent docs then the 4.5.0
ones?  I have been messing with the snapshots, and I think some things
may be different, or maybe that was just programmer error on my part ;)
Also, have the posix documents been updated?  The ones for 4.5.0 have
alot of empty descriptions.

Any help on the above questions would be greatly appreciated.


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