gnu tools update

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Fri Feb 22 14:37:12 UTC 2002

gcc 3.0.4 was released. It should include all necessary RTEMS
  patches.  The only issue is a minor one of using a deprecated
  form of something internal in a couple of target specific files.
  Not all RTEMS targets that built for 2.95.x build.  I only
  build and report on C/C++.

gcc 3.1 branch should be cut shortly.  There are no known 
  RTEMS patches for that.  The state is better that 3.0.  I still
  only build and report on C/C++.  The target release date is in
  a "couple of months".

binutils 2.12 should be out any day.  I tested and reported
  test results on 40 targets.  No RTEMS patches needed.

newlib 1.10.0 is out and requires a couple of minor patches that
  actually are not RTEMS specific. :) 
  There are no immediate plans for 1.10.1.

gdb.. progress is being made on the FSF paperwork issue holding
  up the RTEMS patches.  

I thought everyone would like to know this.

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