termios with outputUsesInterrupts=TERMIOS_TASK_DRIVEN

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Fri Feb 1 11:53:56 UTC 2002

Stan wrote:
> Hi Mike,
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> > Hi Stan,
> > I believe the TERMIOS_TASK_DRIVEN mode was added to support
> > the pppd application.  Currently, if you want to use pppd then
> > your BSP console driver must be updated to support this
> > TASK_DRIVEN mode.
> It's about this update I want help.

Then Mike just did you a tremendous favor. I just merged a patch
from him that eliminates this requirement.  The driver requirement
is lowered to just supporting termios.  All but the oldest of BSPs
will meet this requirement.  

As an aside, the console-polled.c driver shell could be pretty
easily applied to older polled console drivers and turn them into
termios drivers if someone is interested in a project.  Since you
couldn't possibly have all the boards, we would only ask that the
you are careful and make sure it compiles.  A third-party review
would be needed for doublecheck.

> Stan.

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