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Thu Feb 14 14:06:23 UTC 2002

Silverio Diquigiovanni wrote:
> From: "Joel Sherrill" <joel.sherrill at>
> > Silverio Diquigiovanni wrote:
> > >
> > ? is the Cygwin Hitachi SH tool chain from OARCORP ftp aligned with
> ? ? the latest RTEMS snapshot ? Or is that usable only with 4.5.0 release ?
> ? Snapshot.  If I can get some positive feedback on those I will know
> ? that I can use Linux to build Cygwin hosted tools very quickly.  Then
> ? I will be comfortable using the same technique to build 450 tools.
> ?
> ? FYI the binutils and gdb can be used with releases or 450 -- it
> ? is only gcc/newlib that has to be aligned.
> Actually I already use with success the Cygwin SH tool chain with 4.5.0
> (rtems-4.5.0.tgz). In the snapshot I think are necessary the new version
> of gcc (3.x ?) and newlib how you have suggest me, so with snapshot I
> can't use old Cygwin SH tool chain and I must realign with last (perhaps
> only present in source code form).
> You said that the Cygwin tool chain construction is very simple when made
> in a Linux host so I can try to do it, but unfortunately I don't have a good
> knowledge about necesary steps to do that. I've the Linux Redhat 6.1 and
> eventually the Mandrake 7.2. If the necessary steps to create Cygwin tool
> chain for SH are simple (in Linux host) please someone could teach me
> what I must do ?

I placed pre-built Cygwin tools for the snapshots in

All you have to do is download the 3 sh-rtems* files and
untar them into /

> Thank you in advance....
> Silverio

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