m68k gcc was Re: BSP for 5307

Peter Barada pbarada at mail.wm.sps.mot.com
Fri Feb 15 15:27:44 UTC 2002

>> Yes, I'm working on the coldfire changes for v3/v4/v4e, but I haven't
>> convinced the lawyers to sign off yet.
>If it helps, your efforts are most welcome and needed by all Coldfire

Believe me, I know they'll be useful....

>> I think in my version I'll
>> have all of Fiddes' patches, but I'll have to double check.
>Does that include the interrupt keyword patch and improved soft float
>patches ?

It may or may not.  My goal is to have these changes integrated into
the FSF tree so we don't have to cart patches around anymore.  This
requires that the FSF has papers on on *each* author of those
patches.  If they do, I can grab them.  If not then I can't.  If
people want to write patches agains gcc-3.0.x, and sbmit papers to the
FSF, I'll gladly pick them up and integrate them....

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