Compiling/installing RTEMS under Cygwin

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Mon Feb 18 18:42:48 UTC 2002

Hi Ian,

As is common, someone beat you to it regarding the cc link.  However, you
seem to have a future as a fortune teller, as you were 100% correct about
the shell lockup problem!  Your fix worked great!  I've got the darn thing

Thanks for your (and all others) help!

Take care,

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We also use Cygwin for building RTEMS, and had exactly the problem that you
are encountering.

We solved it by performing the ln as shown below:

goto the /bin directory

check that you have a gcc.exe there using      ls -l gcc*

now use the command         ln gcc.exe cc

I removed the link and also tried       ln gcc.exe cc.exe

Both options seemed to work fine.

You can find out where your gcc is by the command:     which gcc

This should show you the path for gcc.exe, our one is in /usr/bin which is
linked to /bin

I hope this helps, if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Also, if you get past this stage, the next problem that you will probably
have with 4.5.0 is that the
cross compiler will lock up your shell as it tries to execute the output of
the cross compiler.

To disable this, one option is to temporarily disable the ntvdm command, by
running regedit, then searching for


Rename this to something else such as orig_cmdline (remember, after building
RTEMs you may want to put it back
else your old DOS apps will no longer run)

Good luck,

Ian Caddy

> Hi,
> Thanks!  However, I think I do have them all installed.  If I may hazard a
> guess, you are referring to those lines like this:
>   > checking for working aclocal... missing
>   > checking for working autoconf... missing
>   > checking for working automake... missing
>   > checking for working autoheader... missing
>   > checking for working makeinfo... missing
> However, if I enter any of the commands (e.g. aclocal, autoconf, etc.) on
> the command line, the specified tool responds!  I think something's not
> quite right.
> As a potentially related issue, in the Getting Started with RTEMS for
> Users appendix on Using MS-Windows as a Development Host, there is a note
> to this effect:
>   There is no cc program by default. The GNU configure
>    scripts used by RTEMS require this to be present to work
>    properly. The solution is to link gcc.exe to cc.exe.
> However, when I try this, I get the following:
>   $ ln gcc.exe cc
>   ln: accessing `gcc.exe': No such file or directory
> However, if I enter 'gcc' from the command line, it IS there!  Any ideas?
> And while we are at this, what is the exact command I should use:
>   ln gcc.exe cc                  --As Camilo suggests
>   ln gcc.exe cc.exe              --As Getting Started suggests
>   ln m68k-rtems-gcc.exe cc       --Target is m68k
>   ln m68k-rtems-gcc.exe cc.exe   --Another variant
> Thanks for all help!
> -Bob

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