Coldfire GDB BDM problem

Bill Butler billb at
Wed Feb 20 23:17:17 UTC 2002

Subject: Re: Coldfire GDB BDM problem

>Bill Butler wrote:
>> Bill Knight and I are trying to get the GDB/Insight debugger working
>> a 5307 coldfire with a P&E wiggler REVA.  I am using versions gdb
>> with Chris John's BDM add-ons. This is running on a 1Ghz machine
>> Win 2000, with the latest Cygwin environment.

>Did you build this version or was it the binary version that is
>available ?

It was built!

>> I am able to connect to the MCF5307C3 eval board and do a board setup
>> it. I can load a simple App onto it but that is about it. I set the
>> to the start address but the step, step-into,... buttons are grayed
>> with only the GO button active. When I go to the console on GDB and
>> si, the PC register immediately goes to a flash address (resets).

>Insight on Windows has some problems. I recieved a mail a while ago
>someone who managed to get it to go but never a patch. I have never
>able to get it completely sorted out. Maybe we could take this off the
>RTEMS list as it is not related to RTEMS and see if it can be sorted
Thanks for the update. Do you know if the tcp/ip version is stable?

Thanks for the update
> Chris Johns, cjohns at

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