Coldfire GDB BDM problem

Chris Johns cjohns at
Wed Feb 20 20:56:10 UTC 2002

Bill Butler wrote:
> Bill Knight and I are trying to get the GDB/Insight debugger working for
> a 5307 coldfire with a P&E wiggler REVA.  I am using versions gdb 5.0.
> with Chris John's BDM add-ons. This is running on a 1Ghz machine under
> Win 2000, with the latest Cygwin environment.

Did you build this version or was it the binary version that is
available ?

> I am able to connect to the MCF5307C3 eval board and do a board setup on
> it. I can load a simple App onto it but that is about it. I set the PC
> to the start address but the step, step-into,... buttons are grayed out
> with only the GO button active. When I go to the console on GDB and try
> si, the PC register immediately goes to a flash address (resets).

Insight on Windows has some problems. I recieved a mail a while ago from
someone who managed to get it to go but never a patch. I have never been
able to get it completely sorted out. Maybe we could take this off the
RTEMS list as it is not related to RTEMS and see if it can be sorted out

 Chris Johns, cjohns at

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