Some help needed with building or32 RTEMS port.

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Fri Feb 22 17:47:46 UTC 2002

Ivan Guzvinec wrote:
> Hi,
> I merged or32 support files with RTEMS-20020215 snapshot, but I have
> heavy problems with building for --target=or32-rtems. I think I have
> properly modified all files needed to add this target.

Sorry for the delay in replying.  I have installed a binutils for
or32-rtems based on the binutils 2.12 branch and am in the process
of checking out your gcc/newlib to see what's up.  

Is binutils 2.12 OK?
Is newlib 1.10.0 OK or should I use CVS?
For gcc, I clearly need your CVS source.
> I assume there is something wrong with preinstall and/or build order. I
> have very little experience with automake/autoconf/make to determine
> what exactly is wrong.
> First error occures while building
> <rtemssrc>/c/src/exec/score/cpu/or32/start.S (linkcmds missing in
> <builddir>/or32-rtems/bender/lib). After manualy copying the file it
> complains about not finding -lrtemsbsp.

Normally start.S is part of the BSP and it is in your case. You don't
linkcmds to compile start.S so I think I am confused about this error.

I suspect (hint there) that your wrapup/ and bsp_specs
is out of sync with some recent changes to begin separating out
the BSP into its own library.  Check those files against something
like powerpc/psim or sparc/erc32.

I am trying to build a toolset to doublecheck you locally.

> I would kindly ask someone to take a look at generated Makefiles and
> build process and help me figure out what goes wrong with it. If more
> explanation is needed please contact me.
> I have attached 'rtemsDiff' diff of original 20020215 snapshot
> (rtems15/*) and my bootstrapped modified version (rtems15or/*). Also all
> added files are in 'rtems-or32-file.tar.gz'.

If I can get tools, I will try to fix it since I want this merged. :)
> regards,
>         Ivan
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                                      Name: rtems-or32-files.tar.gz
>    rtems-or32-files.tar.gz           Type: Unix Tape Archive (application/x-tar)
>                                  Encoding: base64
>                           Download Status: Not downloaded with message
>                           Name: rtemsDiff.gz
>    rtemsDiff.gz           Type: application/x-gzip
>                       Encoding: base64
>                Download Status: Not downloaded with message

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