Any known compiler issues for CPU32? (stack corruption problem)

Eric Norum eric.norum at
Wed Feb 27 22:35:28 UTC 2002

On Wednesday, February 27, 2002, at 12:51 PM, Mike Panetta wrote:

> Are there any known compiler issues when generating CPU32 code with the
> rtems binutils-2.11.2-1 or the rtems gcc2.95.3newlib1.9.0-3?  I am
> getting stack corruption on one machine, that I am not on another, both
> m68k, but one is 68030 and the other is 68332 based.  I do not think the
> corruption is occuring in BSP specific code, and since the RTEMS main
> code works on one machine and not the other, I am beginning to suspect
> the compiler.  So if anyone has had problems with the above compiler on
> a CPU32 based machine, or just know (because they are intimate with the
> compiler) that there are bugs with it for CPU32, please tell me :)  If
> anyone has an idea on how I could track down this stack corruption
> problem, I would love that kind of info too :)

One can never be 100% sure about this sort of thing, but I can say that 
I've run scores of applications, some very large (1.2 MBytes of code, 
10s of thousands of lines) without difficulty on CPU32 machines using 
the above toolchain.

Can you use BDM on the CPU32 to step through the code and narrow down 
the location where the problem occurs?

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