Any known compiler issues for CPU32? (stack corruption problem)

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Wed Feb 27 22:50:26 UTC 2002

Eric Norum wrote:
> On Wednesday, February 27, 2002, at 12:51 PM, Mike Panetta wrote:
> >
> >
> > Are there any known compiler issues when generating CPU32 code with the
> > rtems binutils-2.11.2-1 or the rtems gcc2.95.3newlib1.9.0-3?  I am
> > getting stack corruption on one machine, that I am not on another, both
> > m68k, but one is 68030 and the other is 68332 based.  I do not think the
> > corruption is occuring in BSP specific code, and since the RTEMS main
> > code works on one machine and not the other, I am beginning to suspect
> > the compiler.  So if anyone has had problems with the above compiler on
> > a CPU32 based machine, or just know (because they are intimate with the
> > compiler) that there are bugs with it for CPU32, please tell me :)  If
> > anyone has an idea on how I could track down this stack corruption
> > problem, I would love that kind of info too :)
> >
> >
> One can never be 100% sure about this sort of thing, but I can say that
> I've run scores of applications, some very large (1.2 MBytes of code,
> 10s of thousands of lines) without difficulty on CPU32 machines using
> the above toolchain.
> Can you use BDM on the CPU32 to step through the code and narrow down
> the location where the problem occurs?

If the problem is on the 68332 board, then misprogramming the 
memory controller can shoot your feet out from under you.  :)
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