netdemo error

Sachin K sachin at
Fri Jul 5 05:10:37 UTC 2002


i have installed rtems (target=powerpc-rtems and bsp=psim) on linux.
i tried to run simple programs using psim and it works well.

now i'm trying to run netdemo programs provided by Eric Norum.
i have filled all information needed by "networkconfig.h" file.

i can compile the programs without any error. now, when i try to run the 
netdemo.exe with psim

$ psim netdemo.exe 

i get the following error !!

cpu 1, cia 0xfff00700: double interrupt - MSR[RI] bit clear when attempting 
to deliver interrupt, cia=0xfff00700, msr=0x1040; srr0=0x0(cia), 
srr1=0x8b042(msr); trap-vector=0x700, trap-msr=0x1040
netdemo.exe: Caught signal -1 at address 0xfff00700

so, what is going wrong in this ??



Dexcel Electronics Designs (P) Ltd., Bangalore, India

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