i386-rtems-gdb problem???

Naster rtemswq at yahoo.com.cn
Wed Jul 24 08:04:27 UTC 2002

Hello all,

I have installed RTEMS and gdb on Redhat Linux 7.2 for
pc386 ,Now I try to connect to the target pc386 via
the i386-rtems-gdb (connected via Ethernet).
I start the debugger and then type "setrpcmode sun",
"setdaemontype rdbg" "target rtems ...", while the
debugger does not know all these commands,"Undefined
command:..." error received.

I have done as below:
download source code binutils- gcc-2.95.2
rtems-4.5.0 from oarcorp and install by cstart.pdf

cd gdb-5.0/
cat ../../archive/gdb-5.0-rtems-20010314.diff | patch
find .-name "*.rej" -print (find nothing)
cd ..
mkdir b-gdb5.0
cd b-gdb5.0
../gdb-5.0/configure --target=i386-rtems
make all
make info 
make install(successed)

Could anybody help me on this issue?

                          David wu

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