Adding network for LEON

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Tue Jul 2 02:12:39 UTC 2002

Hi Pattara,

You will also need to bring over the from the 
libbsp/m68k/gen68360/network directory into your network directory. 
 Then just check it and make sure it makes sense for your build.

Then you will need to perform a bootstrap to perform the autoconfigure 
and automake functions.

You do this by going to the base source directory and typing


Some people on the list have told me that this can be achieved from the 
source directory that you are interested in but this doesn't seem to 
work for us on our Cygwin system here.  :-(

Once you have run bootstrap, you can perform the configure and make as 

Your network stuff should now be included in the build.


Ian Caddy

Pattara Kiatisevi wrote:

>I'm experimenting with adding network device driver for sparc/leon. I
>have problem about this auto* stuff. I have started with copying
>libbsp/m68k/gen68360/network to libbsp/sparc/leon directory, modify
>network.c and then:
>-cd libbsp/sparc/leon
> add 'network/Makefile'
>  SUBDIRS = . include startup gnatsupp console clock timer
>				network wrapup tools
>Is there anything else I need to do in order to have this network driver
>compiled in when I do 'configure --enable-networking --target=sparc-rtems'
>and 'make RTEMS_BSP=leon2'?
>Thank you very much,
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