Martin Doering mdoering at
Sun Jul 7 20:02:02 UTC 2002

Hello, SDL developers!

My name ist Martin Doering. I'm the maintainer of the EmuTOS project; we
write a clone of the Atari ST's TOS operating system. This is meant for to
be run on emulators.

For that there is Aranym, an emulator of the Atari Falcon computer
hardware and more. EmuTOS can run on this. Aranym uses SDL for nearly all
it's input and output functions.

While thinking about, how I could make a small linux distribution for to
start Aranym, I got the idea: Why not port Aranym and SDL to the RTEMS
realtime OS?!?

It would be ideal for this purpose, if I would get it ported. You just
link RTEMS realtime executive to your application, like you would do it
with libc. You then get a bootable application (ok, it is a bit more to
do...). Running the emulation would then mean, just put in the boot disk
and go. No Linux around, just the running Aranym.

RTEMS has the following features:

- Realtime OS
- GPLed software 
- Posix API
- Threading
- Multiprocessor
- Multiplatform (incl. Intel PC hardware)
- Fast
- Small

Ok. So, now how do I start to port SDL to it? I just plan to have it
running on the common Intel/PC hardware with RTEMS. Is there some
documentation about porting SDL to new platforms? I had a short look into
the different subdirectories of the current CVS. What would I need to add
at least and what do I need to change in the configure stuff?

At first this all is just an idea. And maybe, it will not be the preferred
platform for Aranym. But it could be an interesting thing. Also to have
SDL available on RTEMS maybe interesting for others too. An embedded
system with graphics capabilities maybe a good choice for many

What do you think, could this be done, and how hard would it be? 

Martin Doering

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