Coldfire 5307 bsp's

D. Peter Siddons siddons at
Mon Jul 15 14:56:24 UTC 2002

Hi Ian, Bill,

    Thanks very much for your offers. I have never worked with 4.5.0,
only with the snapshots, so I have no idea what has changed. I might
guess that the main changes are in the build system and code
organization. If that is so, and most of the actual code would carry
over then it would be very useful to see them. Does anyone know how
serious the differences 4.5.0-snapshots are? 

    Joel, it seems to me that the more example bsp's are out there for
others to learn from, the better. Of course, I don't have to maintain
the code tree... :)


D. Peter Siddons
National Synchrotron Light Source, Bldg. 725D
Brookhaven National Laboratory
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