Problem with default gateway

Ilya Alexeev ilya at
Wed Jul 17 17:54:34 UTC 2002

Hello Vyacheslav,

Wednesday, July 17, 2002 you wrote:

VVB> It seems like BSD router can only handle nexthop that is on the same 
VVB> network (directly connected).

May be...

But I do the small hack in the rtrequest, more exactly
in the 'ifa_ifwithroute' function.

This function is called from the 'rtrequest' and
returns address of the interface, appropriate to the
specified gateway.
By the default, 'ifa_ifwithroute' can't find the
interface for the gateway from the "almost" directly connected
But after modifying this function for always returning
address of my eth0 interface, everything goes just fine,
i.e. default router is assigning.

Is this the unique decision?

VVB> You may add second address to your RTEMS
VVB> interface that from Linux's box network.
Problem that there are no free IP addresses in Linux box network.
Assigning IP address from the different network is the effect
of this problem.

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