Problem with default gateway

Vyacheslav V. Burdjanadze wr at
Thu Jul 18 16:21:48 UTC 2002

> This function is called from the 'rtrequest' and
> returns address of the interface, appropriate to the
> specified gateway.
> By the default, 'ifa_ifwithroute' can't find the
> interface for the gateway from the "almost" directly connected
> network.
> But after modifying this function for always returning
> address of my eth0 interface, everything goes just fine,
> i.e. default router is assigning.
> Is this the unique decision?

This cause problems if you have more than one interface on your board.
The better solution is to take additional parameter to rtrequest - the 
interface name. Then, in rtrequest , if you not able to find ifa, you 
should use corresponding ifp->if_addrlist as your ifa. I'll try it soon.


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