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Jay Monkman jtm at
Wed Jul 17 14:36:25 UTC 2002

On Wed, Jul 17, 2002 at 09:25:45AM -0500, Charles Steaderman wrote:

> and I received errors attached. I got similar results patching 20020301.

I think the rejects are fine, except for irq_asm.S. When I tested the
patch, the rejects were only CVS strings in comments. You can look at
them all with  'find . -name \*.rej -print | xargs less' in Linux.

I'm not sure how to make CVS generate a patch that will apply without
rejects. (I used 'cvs diff -Nau -r RTEMS_SS_20020301 > cvs.diff')
If I export the code from CVS, then diff it against the original from
OAR, I get a lot of diffs from the CVS revision strings in comments.

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