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Gerwin Pfab pb at
Mon Jun 3 09:04:16 UTC 2002

On Tue, 14 May 2002, Keith Outwater wrote:

> Greetings all -
> I am going to take a shot at making a BSP for an Intel i960js processor
> based system.  I have a chance of getting RTEMS onto the board if I can
> do the BSP quickly.
> I read in the latest snapshot that the i960 BSP for the CVME961 is
> compile-only.  Is anyone using RTEMS on an i960?

We are using RTEMS 4.0 since more than 2 years on our self-developed PCI
Boards with  I960VH (time critical picture processing application). We
made our own BSP by Cut&Paste from CVME961 and
doing some necessary modifications. It runs since then without any
and we never updated to RTEMS 4.5 and don't have plans to do so.

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> Keith Outwater
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> Microvision, Inc.

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