New BSP build question.

Jim Robinson jrobinson at
Wed Jun 5 16:40:14 UTC 2002

I copied the motorola_powerpc BSP to MyBSP, and created a MyBSP.cfg in
the <root>/make/custom directory. I also changed the line 6 to MyBSP in file in my BSP dir.
soooooooo now what?
I tried doing an autoconf to rebuild the configure and aclocal to
rebuild the m4 files and ./bit_rtems powerpc MyBSP files with a bad
configure in the powerpc sub dir...
What am I doing wrong? Is there an other doc beside the "BSP and Device
Driver Development Guide" to follow? Is there a FAQ on simple BSP
building somewhere I haven't found yet? (ie. copy the psim dir and edit
there files and then run these commands here and there.....)

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