booting rtems over the network?

Jack Cawkwell J.Cawkwell at
Mon Jun 10 21:26:08 UTC 2002


Please can someone help with booting RTEMS (i386) across a network.

I have setup bootp and tftp on a Linux server, and the debugging
messages suggest that the bootp server part is working (appears to
be doing something sensible). tftp is working from the same server.

The ROM image is read from a floppy on the client, and was obtained
from, choosing the correct version for
the network card, and selecting the boot from floppy option.

The client boots, tries various network modes, and when it finds a
working one, broadcasts, and then the server responds,

at the client:

Searching for server (DHCP)...
ALERT: got a fragmented packet reconfigure your server

at the server:

bootpd[30134]: bootptab mtime: Sun Jun  9 11:56:48 2002
bootpd[30134]: request from Ethernet address 00:D0:09:F1:E3:C1
bootpd[30134]: found (pablo)
bootpd[30134]: bootfile="/tftpboot/picodemo8.nbi"
bootpd[30134]: vendor magic field is
bootpd[30134]: request message length=548
bootpd[30134]: request has DHCP msglen=1500
bootpd[30134]: extended reply, length=1500, options=1264
bootpd[30134]: Received: DHCPDISCOVER
bootpd[30134]: Sent: DHCPOFFER
bootpd[30134]: sending reply (with RFC1048 options)
bootpd[30134]: setarp - 00:D0:09:F1:E3:C1

I conclude that the boot image is wrong. I have tried many
combinations of arguments to mknbi both with an RTEMS boot
image and with a linux image. I must have missed something
as none of the images work. They all produce the same message,

ALERT: got a fragmented packet reconfigure your server

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks, Jack

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