need help with rtems

Seamus Hegarty jovial_man at
Thu Jun 13 10:14:22 UTC 2002

hello everybody,

i've configured and made rtems 4.5.0 under CygWin on
Windows 2000. But couldn't find any instructions as to
what to do afterwards ??

My understanding of OS was: it installs on a partition
of hard-disk, configures the boot sector, and then
when you reboot computer it starts in that OS.

But this installation was like a package installation
on unix. How does rtems work ? on it's own ? or
jointly with a unix environment ??

do I still need to do something with the bsp made for
me (I've got loads of stuff in my build directory).

i'd be thankful if someone gives me some simple
answers and instructions to get me going. (i had no
luck with the documentation, search on internet or
archive of maling lists)

Thanks again for any reply,

Seamus H.

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