TFTP write() in 4.5.0 [PATCH]

Daniel Néri dne at
Tue Jun 4 01:22:35 UTC 2002

"Vyacheslav V. Burdjanadze" <wr at> writes:

> +    strncpy (full_path_name, new_name, sizeof(full_path_name));

Sorry, but here lies a bug. The correct idiom would be:

    strncpy(full_path_name, new_name, sizeof(full_path_name) - 1);
    full_path_name[sizeof(full_path_name) - 1] = '\0';

This is a common mistake, and one of the reasons why strlcpy/strlcat
were invented[*]. Unfortunately, they don't seem to have found their
way into newlib yet...

Best wishes,


Daniel Neri
dne at

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