opinions to achieve 3 goals

Seamus Hegarty jovial_man at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 23 12:59:23 UTC 2002

Thanks to everybody for helping me to understand what
rtems really is. Your replys have been most helpfull.

I want to get deep into rtems and have 3 goals over
this summer to achieve.
1. Able to understand *how* rtems makes applications
real-time based on the target board?
2. Perhaps fiddle/develop a section of it, to become
more familiar with it.
3. Understand how the real-time based accuracy of the
rtems can me measured on a board?

I would be delighted, if you once again send your
opinions to me, regarding what would be the best &
simplest way to achieve these goals, and where to
start from.

Thanks a mill.


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